Organic BCAA Capsules

Practicing a sport a lot more often than once in a blue moon calls for certain dietary supplements that help you achieve the results you want in terms of body modulation, strength, endurance etc. The world of fitness supplements is humongous, but there’s no doubt that there are certain types that are pretty much a constant in a lot of athletes selection. Most commonly those range from different kinds of protein powder, to creatine, glutamine, omega fatty acids, fat burners, and of course branched chain amino acids (just to name a few).

When it comes to the latter supplement, if you want to take it in the safest form possible, there isn’t a better option than these organic BCAA capsules. You may ask what the difference is between regular aminos, and organic BCAAs. Should you happen to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, and avoid any potential unwanted substances and anti-nutrients that are too spread in the food and supplement industries these days, the difference for you can be significant. These high quality branched chain amino acids are guaranteed to be free of GMOs, hormones, artificial colorings, flavors, fillings, or any other chemicals you wouldn’t want to consume. Everything you’ll get by buying this product is exactly what you’re aiming for – the 3 aminos: L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine.

2 capsules have: 460mg leucine, 156mg isoleucine, and 384mg valine. The servings per container are 30.

Because BCAAs have a complex benefit to our body, they can be used by professionals and avid fans of many types of sport, from weight lifting, to running, martial arts, cycling, swimming, cross fit etc.

The most common effects of branched chain amino acids:

  • Muscle growth and muscle regenerating effects (through stimulation of protein synthesis)
  • Increase of stamina for longer, and more intense workouts.
  • Increase of strength and lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Faster total body recovery.

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