Organic Basil Leaves by Starwest Botanicals

Basil is probably best known for its role in traditional Italian cuisine. Believe it or not, it originated in India and migrated over the globe thanks to its versatility and strong flavor. Also known as Ocimum basilicum and Sweet Basil, the overall quality of this particular Starwest Botanicals product is enhanced by the fact that it is both organic and kosher. Tea drinkers will also appreciate the fact that this organic basil comes in leaflet form, not ground like the basil normally available in grocery stores, so that it can be mixed into tea recipes and steeped for a strong, natural drink. The leaves are also prized by both hobbyists and manufacturers who create essential oils, since basil’s sweet, aromatic essence is prized as an addition to soaps. For restaurateurs or home chefs, cooking with organic ingredients is an approachable proposition with this product’s many bulk ordering options.

A tip from the manufacturer: be sure to add basil as you complete your meal preparation, as heat will degrade its unique taste!

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