Organic Baked Potato Chips, Sour Cream & Onion Flavored

Potato chips have always been probably one of the most preferred savory snacks ever, there’s no denying that. We also like the flavors, the crispiness and all the varieties different brands have to offer. But as health conscious people, we also can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that conventionally produced potato snacks are far from being certified as health-friendly edibles. Why? For obvious reasons of course – potatoes aren’t high quality, nor are they grown naturally or organically. They’re being fried in old vegetable and conventional sunflower and safflower oils that have been used numerously for the purpose. Therefore, the chips is greasy, and abounding with trans-fats. Mainstream chips also contain artificial flavors and stabilizers that can take their toll on our health when consumed more often.

However, this is not the case with the sour cream & onion flavored organic baked potato chips made by Good Boy Organics! If you still want to enjoy this type of snack without riding the junk food wave, then you’re at the right spot. First of all, the potatoes used for the making of this scrumptious savory snack are of highest quality and are GMO-free. The brand’s Bops line contains 65% less fat, and no trans-fat compared to regular chips, as these are oven baked potato chips rather than fried. To be more specific with numbers, a single serving of this product has only 3.5g fat.

Let’s not forget the magnificent sour cream and onion flavor that’s very popular in the world of savory snacks, especially chips. Only the look and smell of these potato crisps are enough to make you drool, so don’t wait, grab a bag and have some!


Organic Ingredients

Potato Flakes, Potato Starch, Corn Flour, Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil And/Or Canola Oil, Salt, Seasoning (Dextrose* , Salt, Sugar*, Dry Yogurt* , Maltodextrin , Dry Milk*, Yeast Extract, Onion Powder*, Parsley*, White Pepper*, Sunflower Oil*, Silicon Dioxide, Natural Flavor).

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