Organic Avocado Oil by Bella Vado

Avocado is perhaps one of the most famous superfoods on the planet. We’re among the countless number of people out there that strongly believe in its qualities. From nutritional complexity to many potential health benefits, this miraculous fruit is definitely worth being in your kitchen.

Bella Vado have gone out of their way to let every healthy lifestyle head enjoy the superfood’s dozens of favorable qualities, all thanks to their organic avocado oil.

If you prefer cooking with healthy ingredients and you’re looking to replace the conventional vegetable oil in your pantry with something way superior in terms of quality, health-friendliness and wholesomeness, then this cold pressed avocado oil seems like one of the best alternatives.

Since the premium product is made from the cold pressing of ripe whole avocados, it packs their true essence and nutrients. Moreover, this is an unrefined avocado oil that keeps the detrimental effects of chemical and refining processing at arm’s length. The vivid emerald-green color and the fresh, oily, avocado-like aroma are signs of the top notch quality and genuineness of the unfiltered avocado oil. It contains all the healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients of the eatable.


Made to withstand high heat, this cholesterol-free oil is suitable for a variety of culinary purposes, including oven and hot-plate cooking. As users of avocado fruit oil ourselves, we can confirm that this type of oil is a delicate, yet effective game changer when it comes to flavor. With its fresh, greens-like and oily taste, it adds a natural, sophisticated savour enhancement to salads, marinades, sauces, and all sorts of cooked meals (from veggies, to meats, seafood etc).

This is a California avocado oil that is made of the best avocados in the USA, grown in the state of California.

Each 250ml bottle contains between 15 and 20 whole avocados!

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