4:1 Organic Aronia Powder by Green Valley Superfoods

The rising popularity of a superfruit such as aronia berry has driven the health-conscious supplement manufacturers to come up with aronia supplements that ease the consumption of the powerful antioxidant-rich berry regardless of whether it is in its season or not. That’s why when it comes to picking the right product, rest assured that we can point you to the right direction, and that direction is the Green Valley Superfoods company and their 4:1 organic aronia powder. When you want your natural supplement as clean, healthy and safe as possible, organic is always the way to go, that’s why we recommend this particular aronia berry supplement.

Given the facts that arona berry has a number of 16062 on the ORAC value scale, and that the 4:1 extract means it is 4 times stronger than regular aronia berries, this product is definitely a top addition in a health freak’s inventory. Aronia is known to lower the inflammation processed within the body, as well as the blood pressure and blood sugar. It also improves the blood flow, fortifies the arteries, heart and brain.

This aronia berry powder formula mixes nicely in smoothies, shakes, juices and other creative recipes.

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