Organic Apple Juice For Kids by R.W Knudsen Family Sensible Sippers

Every time children want to grab a high quality drink to refresh themselves, just like most grown-ups, they normally resort to water or juice. In case it’s the latter, parents need to make sure the juice is really high quality for the sake of both taste and health.

Having your beverage at any time and any place is a convenience that’s fully possible with this organic apple juice for kids by R.W Knudsen Family. The small Sensible Sippers juice boxes are specially made to have a colorful, cartoon exterior, which besides the great quality and taste, is another reason for the little ones to love the product. Of course, the packing’s design doesn’t mean adults can’t drink this juice too, after all, let’s not forget that it’s the essence inside that matters the most.

The fact that this premium drink is strictly organic, made without added sugars and preservatives, is an invocation to anybody who takes high care of their health, as well as their kids’ health, to choose smartly when it comes to food and beverages.

Contains 40% less calories than most other conventionally-produced fruit juices.

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