Organic Aniseed by Starwest Botanicals

Cooking with organic ingredients is a little easier with this pre-prepared anise seed, which comes in bulk amounts of 1 lb pouches, or in convenient, 1.75-oz glass bottles ready to use in the kitchen. A product of the herb Pimpinella anisum, anise is also known as sweet cumin, Jamaica pepper, and pimenta. This organic aniseed has the advantage of being grown and prepared in accordance with USDA rules for organic foods, meaning that it does not incorporate any GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, or artificial chemicals.

Lovers of licorice will recognize the flavor of anise, since this spice acts as the flavoring ingredient in that popular candy. However, it functions equally well in more mainstream culinary dishes ranging from marinades, to biscotti or curries.

Herbalists find anise to be a useful anti-spasmodic remedy or a good expectorant.

Both whole and ground aniseed is available through this manufacturer, which ships the same day if an order is received before noon PST.

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