Nutiva Certified Organic Coconut Flour

Whether you’re baking, making deep-fry batter or just thickening up soups, a heaping serving of flour is essential to every pantry. But are you using the right and highest grade flours that can give your family the needed nutrition? Surely you’d want only the best for you and your close ones! This certified organic coconut flour produced by Nutiva is a great non-grain alternative and much better than most other flours, especially white wheat flour. It’s an excellent source of dietary fiber that helps keep your digestive system healthy and better able to absorb nutrients from food. It contains very minimal sodium, digestible carbohydrates and cholesterol, so you’re getting as much fiber as you can with every tablespoon your use.

It also doesn’t contain gluten or allergens, so it’s great for those who often suffer from digestive problems. The flour is made from organic coconut meat coming straight from the Philippines. Each batch of coconuts is harvested for its pure flesh, dried, and then ground to a fine powder. If you want a reliable yet tasty allergen-free baking ingredient for organic cooking, look no further than this fine coconut flour! To maintain the freshness of the product, store in a dry place away from sunlight.

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