Numi Organic Pu-erh Cardamom Tea Bags

Aside from their tea products, Numi are perhaps best known for practicing fair labor methods with their farmers and pickers. The brand founders, Ahmed and Reem Rahim, strive to produce tea in accordance with responsible agriculture and sustainable business practices, both for humans and the planet. Not only is this organic pu’erh cardamom tea cultivated organically, but the tea bags that contain the leaves are made of biodegradable, non-GMO filter paper, appropriate for compost. The recyclable boxes are printed with soy-based ink and constructed without unnecessary plastic wrap. Pu-erh, a herb from Yunnan, China, is also a health-friendly slimming tea, known in China and Taiwan as “skinny girl’s tea” for its use as a weight management aid. It has been harvested from wild plants and used in traditional herbal teas for thousands of years. The extra ingredient, cardamom, adds a sweet and spicy twist on the rich pu-erh and provides the drinker with clarity, so it’s the perfect morning drink.

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