Non GMO Weight Gainer by New World Nutritionals

There are a lot of people looking for a weight gain supplement that will help them put on some pounds quicker, especially those who have a problem with underweight. And many of those individuals also watch for the purity of their nutrition and supplementation, so here’s the predicament: unlike organic whey products, a high quality GMO-free or organic weight gainer is rather hard to find these days.

Luckily, New World Nutritionals non GMO weight gainer has been specifically produced to answer the needs of all those people who prefer to give a weight gainer a shot rather than only lean whey, beef, egg soy or plant protein.

This product has been formulated to help you gain faster leaner weight, unlike most conventional counterparts in the fitness stores you find nowadays that predispose your body to gain fat too, along with muscle, not to mention the low quality milk, artificial sweeteners and fillers they contain.

With the stunning 51g whey isolate protein (the purest whey form with the highest protein concentration) and 84g carbs per serving, the high grade shredded mass gainer is a balanced and optimal support for high-volume and high intensity workouts.

This product is certified hormone-free, pesticide-free and GMO-free, plus its carbohydrates come from Cluster Dextrin.

The non-GMO weight gain supplement is available unflavored, but also comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors.

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