Non-GMO Adult Dry Cat Food by Purina Beyond

With the number 1 ingredient being turkey meat that’s free of genetic modification, this non-GMO adult dry cat food is specially brought to all health-conscious pet lovers by Purina Beyond to deliver your feline friend a gourmet experience that’s really “beyond” anything else they have tasted before.

To naturally augment the nutritional value of this organic cat food, the manufacturer has added whole GMO-free lentils, as well as pea pea and potato protein, and chickpea fiber. This is some fantastic high protein cat nutrition that will help your cat develop and sustain lean muscles, joints and other tissue, and will give them the vigor to live wild.

The bites are free-dried to preserve the nutrients in a convenient and mess-free pet food product.

Non-GMO Adult Dry Cat Food by Purina Beyond 2

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