Nature’s Path Organic Whole Grain Heritage Cereal

It’s always best to have delicious wholesome foods for your morning or afternoon breakfasts. So if you’re into cereals, we think you’ll enjoy eating this organic whole grain heritage cereal by Nature’s Path. The product is made from certified kosher and organic ingredients like corn, quinoa, whole oat flour, kamut wheat flour and smelt flour. Everything in the packing is good for you!

Facts about the product

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • No artificial fertilizers
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No synthetic herbicides
  • No synthetic pesticide



Organic Ingredients

Wheat Bran, Spelt Flour, Whole Wheat Meal, Whole Oat Flour, Quinoa, Kamut Wheat Flour, Whole Millet, Organic Honey, Barley Malt Extract, Barley Flour, Sea salt, Evaporated Cane Juice


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