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If you haven’t heard about Neem (Latin name: Azadirachta indica), now is the time to get acquainted with it!

Neem’s other names are Nimtree, and Indian Lilac, and it is a powerful and popular herb in the Ayurvedic medicine.

Organic neem has incredible health benefits!

Beneficial to the digestive and stomach health, neem is used in skincare production too, as it can be taken orally and applied locally. The potential of the wondrous herb has earned its place among the strongest natural medicines in the world. It’s not by chance that in India they call it the “Tree of Life” or, a “Sacred Tree”.

Information about the great qualities of neem tree leaf has been found in Indo-European sources that are 4500 years old. Nowadays more and more people are starting to use this tree – for better health, for cosmetic purposes, and as a safe natural pesticide (repels obtrusive vermin such as greenflies).

Every part of the tree is usable: from the rind, to the leaves and the fruit. If you’re interested in trying it as a herbal supplement with as broad applications as possible, you would make and impeccable choice by getting organic neem leaf powder from Starwest Botanicals, grown in a sustainable way, without herbicides, pesticides, and containing no GMOs.

But let’s get back to the health benefits of neem.

Organic neem tree leaf can help you sustain and fortify your immune system. That’s because neem has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also rich in antioxidants that fight the harmful free radicals which destroy our cells and may cause serious degenerative and neurological diseases.

Steamed neem water relieves severe cough.

Neem leaves help to maintain healthy skin and have the potential to cure some skin conditions.

The herb possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that help sooth irritated or infected derma. That’s why this Indian herbal medicine finds place in acne, eczema and psoriasis treatment. There are several ways for application. For example you can mix neem leaves with coconut butter and put it directly on the skin in the form of a compress.

Improve your dental health with neem. The herb can be used in tooth pastes or cleansing oral water. Drinking neem tea can prevent teeth ailments and problems with the oral cavity, because it kills bacteria in the mouth.

Coping with intestinal parasites can be easier with neem. Drink neem tea to annihilate worms. Same thing goes for dermatological bacteria such as Dermatophilus congolensis and Scabies.

Neem is a natural insect repellent. It’s completely safe to use on the skin to keep nasty mosquitoes at bay. You can even add it to your shampoo to get rid of louses. Smear your hair with the concoction and leave it for a night before washing. You can also use this mixture in dog shampoos to help kill fleas and ticks.

Neem aids in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and helps digest the food, so conditions such as diarrhea and constipation can be avoided.

Support the liver with neem! This is another of the herb’s medicinal properties, as it improves the toxin filtration through the liver, thus bettering its functioning. That’s why neem can be a good adjunct to a jaundice treatment or any other liver attacking disease.

At last, but definitely not least, neem is known to have a positive effect over cancer.


Neem shouldn’t be taken: by babies, pregnant women (or women who want to get pregnant), because it can act as an abortive means! Those who’ve had or are having serious stomach ailments, or liver disorders should also avoid this herb.

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