Natural Pre-Workout Supplement by Old School Labs

Every now and then we can make a review of a product that’s not 100% certified organic by an organization, but in our book it’s worth taking since it’s really high quality and free of harming agents.

This time we’re paying attention to a fitness supplement that we’re sure many sports people would appreciate becomingly not just because of its high effectiveness, but also because of its health-friendly status. We’re talking about this natural pre-workout supplement by Old School Labs. Named Vintage Blast, it’s a one of a kind natural two-stage workout booster designed with a holistic formula to deliver good results instead of dependency.

What does “two-stage” mean?

We’ll clue you in. Basically, unlike any other typical sports supplement, Vintage Blast doesn’t deliver all its ingredients at the same time. Instead, it’s formulated to collect the different absorption and digestion qualities of each of its ingredients, and deliver them in a constant, gradual rate, thus working against dependency. Namely that’s how the non-GMO pre workout powder plays the role of a trump in the sleeve, when you need enough energy to power through your hard workout or competition, even when you’d been feeling exhausted prior to it. With this product, you know you can handle the strain from the beginning to the very end.

Furthermore, thanks to the steady influx of ingredients and essential nutrients, Vintage Blast can increase your pumps and limits, better your mental focus, as well as reduce lactic acid build up and muscle soreness.

To extend the benefits of the natural two-stage nitric oxide booster, the holistic formula has been created to provide 9 important electrolytes and micronutrients that help the body stay hydrated, keep pH levels in check, and lower cell oxidation in order to ensure maximum performance and proper recovery upon workouts.

Flavors and colors originate from natural sources.

Inspected by a third party and manufactured in a GMP facility.

A review of Vintage Blast by the Fitness Radar

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