Maine Chaga Organic Chaga Tea Chunks

Considered a medicinal immune support supplement in Eastern European and Russian lore, chaga is now available all over the world. Thanks to its generous load of antioxidants and nutrients, this common, cold-loving organic tree mushroom is often considered a precious superfood. Maine Chaga brings you raw organic chaga tea chunks grown and harvested naturally in Maine. Ideal as tea, chaga may be dropped into hot water and steeped for up to 15 minutes. The pieces can also be re-used, just allow them to air-dry between servings. With re-use, one bag of chaga chunks can generate between 30 and 40 cups of tea, according to the manufacturer. The chaga in this product isn’t cultivated, but harvested directly from birch trees in the wild. This means no pesticides, no growth enhancers, and no genetic manipulation, just the type of food nature intended. Chaga is also free of caffeine. However, because it is an active immune support supplement, be sure to ask your doctor in case you’re taking any medications.

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