Libby's Canned Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

Canned beans may not be your first option when you want to try your hand at serving up a healthy meal, but that’s because you haven’t heard about the Libby’s brand and the canned organic dark red kidney beans they produce in conformity with every quality regulation. It’s fully cooked and ready to be consumed, so it’s handy for camping trips or for those days when you don’t feel like doing too much fussing with cooking. This certified organic food is suitable for vegetarian and vegans alike. Each can of the beans contains a generous serving of dietary fiber and zero cholesterol, which makes it a healthy option for those who are watching their weight or those who have heart problems. Rich in fiber, phosphorous and protein, kidney beans are a staple in many healthy dishes. With their ability to absorb and blend in with the flavor of other ingredients, the beans can be used in salads, soups, dips and other dishes. Because of the subtle flavor, distinctly starchy texture and and because being a host of nutrients, these dark kidney beans may become one of your favorite cooking ingredients.

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