Lakewood Organic Lemon Juice

Fresh-pressing is the process that produces this healthy organic drink, which preserves the nutrients present in the lemons themselves and saves plenty of juicing time. Because it is not made from concentrate, this revitalizing beverage, and cooking ingredient, matches the taste of fresh-pressed organic lemon juice. Because it is naturally produced, parts of this juice will settle, meaning that the bottle will require shaking prior to consumption. The raw lemon juice is unsweetened and should not be mistaken for lemonade. However, it makes an excellent base for that famous summertime drink, as well as many other cocktails, and can play several important roles in cooking, as well.

The lemons used are certified organic by the USDA and do not undergo any genetic modification. Like many fruits, they contain healthy electrolytes vital to health, wellness, and natural energy. Of course, real lemon juice also plays a key role in many people’s weight loss diet plans, so there’s another reason to get it.

Two tablespoons of lemon juice is roughly equivalent to the amount of juice present in one lemon. As a 12.5-oz bottle, this product contains 25 tablespoons of juice, meaning that it contains approximately the equivalent juice of twelve lemons.

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