Lakewood Fresh Blends Organic Orange Carrot Juice

Orange juice has always been an irreplaceable part of many breakfast meals, but it is appropriate for any time of the day, too. With the vitamin C found in orange juice, your body’s immune system will be strengthened and ready to fight off pathogens that can harm the body. But what if you mixed up your usual orange juice with a serving of carrots? With this healthy combo you’ll help your body regulate the blood sugar, improve the lung function, and fortify the visual and cardiovascular health. What’s more, carrots are also known to help improve your digestion, which is an instant plus in any breakfast! So where can you get the best-tasting and healthiest dose of organic orange carrot juice? Lakewood’s line of Fresh Blends juices presents this delightful drink, which can be your new favorite invigorating morning juice. A good way to start your day – with the smooth, sweet, yet slightly tangy blend of two of Nature’s most beneficial gifts! The wholesome beverage is made from fresh pressed organic fruits and vegetables, instead of low quality concentrate.

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