100% Organic Sunflower Oil by La Tourangelle

Many people use fat in the cooking process. If you’re one of them, you will do well to consider buying healthy vegetable oils like this 100% Organic Sunflower Oil! Those who decide to entrust their health to the wholesome plant essence produced by La Tourangelle, won’t be disappointed. This product is very versatile for cooking because it’s very slightly processed in order to become refined and deodorized, while keeping its beneficial nutrients. The sunflower seeds used for the making of this oil are strictly GMO-free, grown and processed without the aid of any pesticides or other chemicals. Should be refrigerated after opening.


Health benefits of sunflower oil

Amends the nervous system because of its vitamin B complex content. The B vitamins are known for their beneficial reflection on the digestion, the nervous system and the producing of energy.

Destroys free radicals. On that account it reduces the chance of cancer. This health effect is due to the Tocopherol that is present in sunflower seeds.

Acts as a natural emollient (moisturizer) because of the vitamin E content and helps cells preserve water.

Benefits the heart. Pure organic sunflower oil reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

Lowers the risk of baby infection. Pre-term and low birth weight infants may have infections, caused by undeveloped skin or organs. Sunflower oil decreases the chance of that happening and acts as a protective wall.

Lowers cholesterol. This is possible not only because of the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in sunflower seeds but also because of the Lecithin. Lecithin attaches to nerve cells and prohibits the bad cholesterol and fat from entering the cells.

Aids in the creation of new cells, owing to the Folic acid that is present in sunflower seeds.

Prevents cancer. Sunflower oil contains a lot of carotenoids which help prevent cancers like lung, skin and uterine. Sunflower kernels also help prevent colon cancer.

Sunflower seeds contain Zinc which is very effective in keeping a good immune system. It also helps wounds heal themselves faster. Zinc assists in maintaining your good sense of taste and smell.

A lot of people tend to consume sunflower oil because it strongly supports arthritis treating.

Sunflower kernels (and therefore sunflower oil) contain a lot of protein. Protein repairs and builds tissues and muscles. It’s beneficial in producing enzymes and hormones.

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