Kevala Organic Sesame Tahini Paste

Made from USDA-certified organic sesame seeds, this Kevala product comes in a glass bottle for maximum freshness. The organic sesame tahini paste is deeply flavorful and particularly useful in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. In this case, the tahini is manufactured in a facility that only handles sesame seeds, eliminating the chances for allergen cross-contamination. It is also free of genetically modified foods, gluten, and dairy. The sesame seeds used for this tahini are first roasted and then slow ground into the thick, creamy, sauce-like substance that fans of falafel know so well. The manufacturing company believes strongly in single-ingredient products, meaning that they refrain from the addition of sugars, salts, oils, and preservatives to all of their foods. This particular sauce is made only of pulverized sesame seeds, guaranteeing you a taste unadulterated and unaltered by other substances. Because it does not include synthetic preservatives or extra chemicals, this cooking ingredient is highly likely to be healthier than preserved options.

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