Jerky Direct Certified Organic Beef Jerky

Here’s a riddle. What’s as good as a steak, but more flavorful and travel friendly? Your good old beef jerky of course! And what’s better than a single piece of jerky? A 24-piece pack that’s filled with premium dried beef of different flavors! This certified organic beef jerky by Jerky Direct gives you the health-friendly meat snack that’s full of deliciousness without any added MSG or harmful artificial ingredients like preservatives or nitrates. Moreover, the product is protein-rich and also provides iron and vitamin B12. This gluten-free protein-rich organic dried meat is made from cows that have been fed an organic diet and have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Each pack of 24 pieces contains a mix of four delicious flavors:

  • The Original variant is one almost everyone can get to know and love.
  • The Peppered flavor adds just a tiny bit of exclusive spice blend.
  • The Teriyaki type gives you a combo of sweet and salty flavors that mix perfectly together.
  • The Sweet and Spicy is for the more adventurous jerky lovers as it gives a sweet flavor with the added fiery kick.

All the high quality meat used for the making of this organic beef jerky has been infused with premium spices and slow-smoked with real hickory for that sophisticated woody tinge.

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