High Quality GMO-Free Weight Gainer

Are you on a mission to train hard? Do you want to put on some pounds to get the body you want, but you’re having a hard time raising your personal weight? If that’s the case, then besides training and having an appropriate diet, you should consider taking the right type of dietary supplement to push you forward to your destination. To speed up the achieving of your goals, Naked Nutrition have specially produced this high quality GMO-free weight gainer! What can it offer? Let’s take a look shall we?

A serving size of 4 big scoops (321g) offers a total of 50g protein, 11.5g of BCAAs, plus 252g complex carbohydrates and 1250 calories to boost the weight gaining you desire. What’s also good is that while offering large amounts of protein and carbs, the premium mass gainer is low in fat and cholesterol. Besides the 3 branched chain aminos, the chemical composition of this product features all other amino acids.

But besides the nutritional value of the GMO-free weight gain supplement, its name suggests other perks the consumer gets when he opts for it, and those perks are connected to the preserving of health. The brand makes sure that safety is guaranteed when it comes to potentially unwanted agents in the powder. First of all, the gainer is totally free of any genetically modified organisms, soy, gluten, and hormones like rGBH and growth hormone, as well as rBST. Moreover, the product does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colors, and has undergone bleach, and acid-free, cold processing.

What the container has inside is what it reads it has, and that is only 3 ingredients: grass-fed whey, casein, and organic maltodextrin.

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