Herbes de Provence Organic Condiment Blend

We’ve always had a knack for making our food experience marvelous, but it was only a month ago that we heard about Herbes de Provence for the first time. And after we had tried it in a few recipes, we felt bad, but only because of the fact we didn’t know about it earlier! If you too haven’t tried this splendiferous spice blend before, then Frontier have made it possible for you to supply yourself with the best Herbes de Provence organic condiment blend possible!


What’s Herbes de Provence made from?

The aromatic traditional spice mix contains plants that grow in the hills of southern France, but are also quite common in other European regions like the Balkans. Though most ingredients of the blend are the same with most brands, there are slight differences in the formula. Here’s what Frontier have included: summer savory, basil, rosemary, thyme, lavender and tarragon.


What dishes is Herbes de Provence used for?

The unique fragrance and taste combination of these herbs fit perfectly to any Mediterranean dish. It’s often mixed with olive oil to be sprinkled on potatoes, tomatoes, pizza dough, or to serve as a delicious coating for fish and all types of meat, as well as kebabs prior to roasting. The blend goes great as a seasoning in sauces, dips, salads, cheeses, stews, and soups. Possibilities with this organic Herbes de Provence are many!

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