HealthWorks Raw Maca Powder

The HealthWorks raw maca powder guarantees full satisfaction and full conformity to your high expectations. This resealable package is filled with only premium organic Peruvian maca root powder that has a slightly nutty flavor. For thousands of years, the ancient Andeans have used maca (Lepidium meyenii) as a great nutrition source and as a natural healing remedy.

The maca root is rich in enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals (among of which are magnesium and calcium) and every single one of the essential amino acids. B complex vitamins are also found in the plant as well as B12.

Maca is used to deal with hormonal imbalance by stimulating and nourishing the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus. When the pituitary glands are balanced, they for their part, can balance the rest of the glands (thyroid, ovarian, testicular, adrenal and pancreas glands).

HealtWorks Raw Maca Powder

Maca doesn’t provide hormones, instead it acts as an adaptogen and finds a way to respond properly according to your own body. In correspondence with that, if your body is short of a given hormone, maca will stimulate its producing, and if the body produces too much of any hormone, maca will naturally balance the production downward.

By regulating your hormones level, maca will benefit good mood, sexual health, proper growth and tissue functioning.

Watch the video about maca with Drew Canole

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