Health Valley Organic Sprouted Amaranth Flakes

What’s your favorite cereal? Hopefully it’s not one of those sweet and sugary options you find in the local grocery store. And even though many cereal brands claim that they produce healthy and nutritious products, how sure are you that they contain essential health-promoting nutrients that your body needs and how deprived are they from harmful additives like white sugar?

If the cereals you buy don’t contain real organic whole grains and aren’t a great source of various vitamins, maybe it’s time you gave up on them and take the healthy path with the organic sprouted Amaranth flakes by Health Valley. The wholesome flakes are baked to perfection and are an organic source of fiber and B vitamins to help kick start your day.

The product contains minimal sodium and fat, and is free from artificial chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. And just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it tastes bad! In fact, this cereal has the nutty flavor that amaranth is known for. Last but not least, the creation of this healthy breakfast involves sustainable agricultural practices!

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