Happy Baby Whole Grain Green Puffs

As responsible parents, people should provide their infant with the healthiest and most optimal nutrition there is. So when it comes to hand picking the best and most wholesome foods for kids, you’ll do right to start from the Happy Baby Whole Grain Green Puffs! They’re made with only organic natural ingredients like the real flavor of green vegetables, real fruit juice and whole grains. Due to the salutary contents of this product, it’s packed with iron, calcium, B complex vitamins, vitamin D and some nutrients that many breastfed infants lack. These puffs also contain 25mg choline per serving, which helps for brain and eye development.

Organic Ingredients

Rice Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Freeze Dried Spinach Powder, Apple Juice Concentrate, Organic Freeze Dried Kale Powder, wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals

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