Ground Organic Nutmeg Powder by Simply Organic

Its botanical name is Mysteria fragrans Houtt, but chefs who know this spice as nutmeg are well aware of its power to enrich the flavor of pies, curries, and marinades. Organic nutmeg powder features all the advantages of traditional nutmeg and more. As a certified USDA-organic food, this ground organic spice was grown and manufactured without the use of GMOs or pesticides. Furthermore, the company Simply Organic is dedicated to fair business practices with the East Indian farming coops that grow the nutmeg. The sourcing of the raw nutmeg is sustainable both environmentally and economically, and 1% of all profits from the sale of this, or any other product of the brand, support organic farming.

The only ingredient in the product is ground nutmeg, and it features no fillers or flavorings of any type.

The high quality condiment comes in a 2.3 oz recyclable glass bottle that is perfect for on-hand kitchen use. Being glass, the bottle also lacks the harmful BPAs that make plastic spice containers so problematic for health-conscious chefs.

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