Greensbury Market Organic Minced Beef

Nowadays, GMO, antibiotic, pesticide, herbicide and hormone-containing foods are flooding the market, because they’re profitable to the conventionally-producing companies. Such companies however don’t seem to pay enough attention to the fact that those type of foods are potentially dangerous to the consumers and are slowly ruining their haleness. One of the most commonly discussed kind of foods regarding this matter is meat. So if you want clean, antibiotic-free and hormone-free meat for your family and yourself, we might be able to give you a good tip. More specifically when it comes to high quality grass-fed veal, this organic minced beef can be trusted to preserve your well-being. Provided to consumers by the Greensbury Market brand, this safe-to eat meat product is processed under strict USDA regulations and comes from the largest certified organic ranch in the USA. The lean minced beef requires less time for cooking and plumps when cooked. Perfect for a variety of dishes that are made with ground beef, like meat balls, pilafs, beef with vegetables, mince pies, tacos, wraps, and many, many other recipes.

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