Grass-Fed Whey Keto Protein Bar by MariGold Bars

MariGold Bars have developed a product that combines the best of all aspects – pure, antibiotic and hormone-free whey, low content of carbohydrates, high fiber content (5-8g per bar, depending on the flavor variety you choose), and a total of 21g protein.

There aren’t many other protein bars that are made from ingredients that are environmentally-friendly sourced and pristine, and being able to guarantee such low presence of carbs (2-3g) per bar, and such high serving of bio-available protein. Specially made to fit in a ketogenic diet.

Certified lactose-free, hormone-free, soy-free, casein-free, and grain-free.

Available varieties: Chocolate Praline; Chocolate Mint; Ginger Spice Pecan; Chocolate Squared; ChocoNut

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