Grass-Fed Beef Protein Snack - Uncured Bacon and Jalepeno by DNX

Are you on a paleo diet? Or do you just wish you had a meat-based snack to satiate your hunger and boost your protein intake between meals? Without thinking twice, we point you to the Grass-Fed Beef and Uncured Bacon Protein Snack that is produced by the DNX brand.

DNX (standing for “Daily Nutrition, Excellent Taste) is a group consisting of fitness gurus, culinary artisans and entrepreneurs, assembled by the founder John Rooney who wanted to create a genuine snack that doesn’t compromise on nutrition or taste. The truly healthy bars he used to eat tasted like dirt to him, so he wanted to create something on a whole new level.

This product really manages to blow your mind with deliciousness by combining lean, dried, tender grass-fed beef with a generous set of nutrient-rich, organic super foods, spices and herbs. This is a combination that can rarely be matched by another meat protein bar in terms of wholesomeness, spectacular flavor and pureness, and that’s personal experience talking.

The grass-fed beef snack comes in several flavors, but this right here is the variation that combines beef with uncured bacon and jalepeno pepper that is specially for all those who relish extra spicy foods.


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