GoNaturally Organic Hard Candies

Organic hard candies that are health-friendly aren’t as hard to come by as you may think. GoNaturally has created the perfect mix of amazingly flavored candies that are sure to delight the young and old alike who often find themselves in a need of something sweet. This health-sparing organic candy comes in a variety of flavors such as succulent apples, sweet cherry, exotic pomegranate, and rich honey lemon. With just one try, you’ll forget all those other artificially and white sugar flavored candies! Each bonbon is lovingly hand-made and sweetened with natural fruit flavors. And you won’t find a single drop of high-fructose corn syrup, sugar or food coloring in the mix. Those who are on a restrictive diet are sure to appreciate the fact that they can snack on something sweet without suffering consequences. They’re also a gluten free treat that even the most sensitive can enjoy. The best part is that the candies are free from cholesterol and trans fats! Each 50 ounce bag contains about 50 candies, so there’s a lot to go around for everyone!

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