Go Raw energy bar with Spirulina

Nowadays with all the knowledge we have regarding nutrition and the philosophy of food, many people tend to stick with raw food rather than cooked, because it contains more nutrients and has a better reflection on the body. Now you’re probably asking yourself what raw food could possibly be tasty enough and easy enough to eat whenever you feel like it? Well, we can make an apposite example with this energy bar with spirulina by Go Raw. It’s a fantastic snack that can get you back up and give you quick, yet efficient body nourishment between meals. It contains only the purest organic sesame seeds, bananas, organic unsulphured coconuts, dates, and organic spirulina. So besides the fruits, seeds and nuts in this wholesome bar, there is a fine spirulina finish that brings the nutritive level to new heights. Spirulina is a type of highly nutritious seaweed classified as a super-food, because of its abundance of health-enhancing nutrients and potential properties. For starters, spirulina contains a large number of vitamins and a lot of high quality plant-based protein (because it supplies the body with irreplaceable amino acids). Furthermore, the algae have more iron than spinach, more beta-carotene than carrots and has certain trace minerals found present in it. The composition of this nutrient dense dietary supplement even includes heart-healthy fatty acids and numerous pigments.

A few words about spirulina’s health benefits? Well, it helps strengthen your body’s immune function while also regulating bad cholesterol. It’s also great for helping relieve allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, sneezing and itchiness. The high antioxidant content of the seaweed clears free radicals from the body and prevents tissue damage. By enriching the body’s intestinal flora, spirulina also aids in preventing gastroenterological disorders. The algae is basically an organic super-food that has been much appreciated by the ancient Aztecs, yet it has been overlooked a bit in the modern human history, at least until the recent years. It’s still being studied by scientists and doctors so we can find out more about its compounds and health benefits.

So get rid of the processed sugar-packed energy bars, the artificially flavored chips and preservative-laden sweets! Make the healthy choice and switch to a deliciously healthy, gluten-free food bars!

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