Go Raw 100% Organic Ginger Snaps

Go Raw 100% Organic Ginger Snaps are certified gluten-free super cookies with no trans fats. These crunchy ginger edibles are a perfect organic snack food if you want to go RAW without having to go overboard on too much nuts or fats. The wholesome biscuits contain no sugar, they are GMO free and 100% certified organic. These fresh ginger cookies have a good tangy taste on the tongue and the freshness makes them an ideal light meal for morning tea or afternoon coffee. What makes this product even more amazing is that it contains no sugar, flour or dehydrated oil. To preserve the product in good condition, it is recommended to keep it refrigerated or out of direct sunlight.

Organic Ingredients

Sprouted Sesame Seeds, Ginger Powder, Organic Coconut (Unsulphured), Organic Dates

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