GMO-Free Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Though it doesn’t have 100% of its ingredients certified organic, the GMO-free peanut butter protein bar by Clif Bar has some of its components with organic status, plus its nutritional balance and health-friendliness are diligently preserved to offer customers the best of both worlds. Pertaining to the Builder’s line of Clif, this is one of the best protein bars you can possibly choose to help build your lean muscle.

The protein-packed goodness offers a stunning peanut butter creaminess to enjoy, while supplying your body with a total of 20g protein each serving! What’s even more, the product is lower in the glycemic index than most other conventional food bars out there, which means it’s better for your blood sugar levels and digests slowly to provide you with consistent energy through the hours.

The nutrient profile of the food bar is very impressive, as it features ample amounts of vitamins C, A, D, E, B complex vitamins, and minerals to fortify your immunity and improve your constitution’s functions. Check out the nutrition facts table below to see all the nutrients and their respective amounts, you’ll be definitely pleased. There is no cholesterol, nor trans-fat to impede the premium status of this product too.

Hands down, the Builder’s peanut butter bar is one hell of a protein snack for on the go whenever you don’t have time for a regular meal before or after a workout session. It’s also the perfect choice to satiate your hunger when you’re having a break at the office or at the university.



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