Genesis Today Organic Noni Juice

Noni juice is relatively a newcomer to the organic scene, but fans have already claimed that it has the power to remedy age-related illness, ameliorate hearing loss, and control high blood pressure. Genesis Today now makes organic Noni juice available as Noni 100, a healthy drink made from the fruit of the southeast Asian Noni tree.

Residents of Hawaii term the lumpy noni “cheese fruit” for its pungency and bitterness, and it is well known as a plant that can survive in places where few others can grow. For this reason, it has historically been crucial to the survival of southeast Asian and Pacific peoples. Once picked, noni ripens for weeks and is then juiced to yield a potent beverage that functions as a liquid dietary supplement.

This particular product includes no fillers or additives of any kind, but only 100% pure juice from organic noni. According to the manufacturer, the noni fruits are wild-harvested and processed according to the traditions of their countries of origin.




Miranda Kerr recommends drinking noni juice with water twice a day

Watch the short video of Miranda talking about her personal nutrition handbook.

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