Frontier Organic Whole Elderberries

The Frontier Organic Whole Elderberries give you the chance to appreciate one of the best super-foods out there! The Elderberry (Sambucus ebulus) is a plant with potent therapeutic effects which can be used for the prophylaxis and treatment of many illnesses and disorders. The elderberries are perennial. Their leaves are crenate and the blossoms – white with a pleasant scent. Its fruits are small, black and glossy with 3 longish seeds within. The plant can be found in mountain areas as well as in river valleys where sun rays don’t shine directly on it. It’s very important to know that the fruits mustn’t be picked while green, only ripe dark berries can be used for consuming and they’re usually fully matured in autumn. The blossoms contain: glucoses, tannins, pectin, ethereal oil, vitamin C and mineral salts. The berries are also quite nutritious, because they contain: alkaloids, carotene, tannins, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B. The leaves have vitamin C and the rind – tannins, resins and valerenic acid. All these compounds make this amazing plant a diuretic, a sweat means with laxative, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The elderberry is a strong anti-virus natural medicine that considerably stimulates the treatment of degenerative sicknesses, prevents cancer diseases and controls benign tumors. The berries also boost the immune system.

Frontier Organic Whole Elderberries

The elderberry superfood is very helpful with destroying intestinal worms. The berries and more specifically their juice can calm down neuralgia. The juice is also used for dealing with problems of rheumatism, issues with the respiratory system or sciatica. The rind is recommended in cases of nephritis and swelling. A very good way to intake the elderberry is making tea of it. The elderberry tea contributes to a constitution detoxification and is recommended for treatment of colds and bronchitis.

According to the traditional medicine, these dark berries are used as a means against obesity because of their laxative qualities and the ability to reduce tissue water.

Through the urinary system and the sweat glands, the berries help eliminate body toxins. Breastfeeding women will also have increased lacteal glands secretion.

The elderberry tea is a natural cure for furunculosis, eczemas, burnings and swellings. As a compress it can help in the treatment of conjunctivitis, eyelid swelling and overall as a means to decrease inflammations, infections and liquefying secretions.


The elderberry shouldn’t be consumed in higher doses, because that could cause symptoms of intoxication, vomiting, sore throat, stomach burning, hard breathing and convulsions!

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