Fresh Whole Jackfruit

If you’re up for some exotic, rare and weird-looking foods, you’re probably going to like taking a bite of some fresh whole jackfruit!

Jackfruit, also known as fenne, Jack tree, or sometimes simply “jack” is a fruit that grows on a tree in tropical regions. It belongs to the family of breadfruit, fig, and mulberry. A fully grown tree can produce 100-200 fruits yearly. Unripe jackfruits have a meat-reminding taste and are a new alternative to meat in a variety of dishes. On the other hand, mature jackfruits offer a sweet flavor and are a great ingredient in smoothies, jams and all sorts of desserts. These fresh whole fruits are in their ripen stage, so they would be just the fruit you need to finish your lunch or dinner with a sweet course, or kick start your day with a delicious jackfruit smoothie. The taste of jackfruit is really intriguing, because it is like a cross between a banana and an apple and a slight note of pineapple.

What’s also interesting is that jackfruit is the heaviest tree-borne fruit on the planet, as a single fruit weighs averagely around 35kg, has a diameter of 50cm and length of 90cm. Because of its sizes and weight, considerable amounts of it are being wasted every season due to logistics impediments. Each jackfruit is composed of hundreds and even thousands of flowers, and its edible parts are usually the fleshy petals.

Jackfruit is a decent host of dietary fiber. It has small amounts of vitamin A and flavonoids like cryptoxanthin-ß, xanthin, carotene-ß, and lutein. The fruit is also a good source of vitamin B complex and vitamin C. As for minerals, it does provide smaller amounts of magnesium, potassium, manganese, and iron.

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