Fresh Pressed Organic Purple Carrot Juice by Lakewood

This organic purple carrot juice is as flavorful and nutritious as it is colorful. Purple carrots are an heirloom vegetable long grown in Europe. Thanks to their high concentrations of anthocyanins, they are making a comeback on the mainstream market as an ingredient in healthy drinks.

This organic beverage is fresh pressed, meaning that it is bottled immediately after juicing. The result is not from concentrate, but rather comes directly from the raw carrots themselves. A touch of organic lemon juice gives the beverage a slight zing. The deep purple color will entertain children too, and will provide them with a serving of vegetables.

Carrots are particularly high in vitamin A, which is beneficial to eye and skin health. As an ingredient in smoothies or just a quick snack, carrot juice is an innovative way to incorporate essential vitamins into a vegetable-heavy diet.

The drink is certified organic by the USDA.

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