Fresh Organic Bananas

Are you looking to incorporate real, organic fruits more into your diet? Then why not start from one of the most preferred tropical eatables that often find place in shoppers’ grocery bag? Delivered to you by Dole, these fresh organic bananas are a fantastic way to supply your body with all-natural, pesticide and GMO-free sweetness whenever you want a health-friendly dessert, an in between snack, or a quick energy boost when you feel burnt out.

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Main banana health benefits:

– They aid digestion because they have insoluble fiber and pectin.

– Bananas help prevent stomach ulcers. That’s because they assist in producing a thicker protective mucus lining that acts as a shield against stomach acids. Furthermore, bananas help diminish acidity from foods, as well as eliminate harmful gut bacteria thanks to their protease inhibitors.

– Fresh organic bananas supply the body with natural energy, because they are a great host of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

– Since bananas are an excellent source of the electrolyte mineral potassium, they’re good for the heart and the brain. Potassium assists the circulatory system in delivering oxygen to the brain, which in turn facilitates a normal heart beat and a good water balance in the body.

– This tropical fruit improves male libido. That’s because bananas have nutrients like potassium, bromelain, and vitamin B6 that improve testosterone, plus they help produce serotonin, as they contain the amino acid tryptophan, hence they’re good for mood regulation.

– Bananas may fit into a weight-loss diet. Though being high in carbs, they’re low in fat and high in fiber and vitamins. The fiber absorbs water and makes you feel more satiated by taking more space in your stomach. Besides that, the fruit speeds up your metabolism, because of the B vitamins in it.

– Organic bananas help treat headaches and anemia. That’s because they’re an excellent source of iron and assist in preventing iron deficiency, a major factor in developing anemia.

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