Free Range Grass Fed Non-GMO Eggs

Eggs are a true power house. They’re probably one of the most nutrient-dense foods ever, and many of us eat them often as a wholesome meal. But as with most other animal products nowadays, there are problems related to eggs’ quality, purity and nutritional capacity mostly because of the way chickens are raised. Just like cattle, conventionally raised poultry birds are often given hormones for faster growth, and they’re fed lower quality food mixtures.

Analogically, these things reflect on the eggs chicken lay, eggs that may contain lower percentage of nutrients, and may have traces of hormones and antibiotics. As a health-conscious individual, if you want to keep all those potentially threatening substances at arm’s length, you can switch to these free range grass fed non-GMO eggs.


The name hints at the high quality of the product you’re buying. Contrary to conventional eggs, these GMO-free chicken eggs do not contain any of the mainstream foods’ odious stuff and originate from free range chickens that eat naturally on grass.

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