Premium Quality Raw Organic Pecans by Food to Live

They say a handful of nuts are the ideal healthy snack food, whether or not you’re watching your weight. Pecans are a great option, if you prefer a buttery texture over a crunchy one. Pecan nuts are a great source of oleic acid, which can help reduce blood pressure while also helping to protect your cells from free radicals. And speaking of free radicals, pecan nuts are also packed with phytosterols that have antioxidant character and help prevent premature aging caused by DNA cell damage. When it comes to buying these nuts, of course you would want to choose only the purest and most natural source.

That’s why to answer your high expectations, Food to Live has GMO-free and premium quality organic pecans that can satiate your nutty needs. In order to preserve their natural flavor, they’re still shelled and are completely unsalted. Use them on your pecan pies, grind them to add some crunch to your ice cream, add them as a sophisticated ingredient in meat dishes, or eat the nutritious nuts just as they are, to savor their smooth texture.

Raw organic pecans are considered very wholesome. In per 100gr of pecans there are 9g protein, 10g dietary fiber, 40.8g monounsaturated fat, 21.6g polyunsaturated fat, 20630mg omega-6 fatty acids, 986mg omega-3 fatty acids, 56.0 IU vitamin A, 1.4mg vitamin E, 3.5mcg vitamin K, 0.7mg thiamin, 1.2m niacin, 0.2mg vitamin B6, 22mcg folate, 0.1mg riboflavin, pantothenic acid 0.9mg and 45.5mg choline. Pecans are also mineral rich, as the same serving contains: 70mg calcium, 2.5mg iron, 121mg magnesium, 277mg phosphorus, 410mg potassium, 4.5mg zinc, 1.2mg copper, 4.5mg manganese, 3.8mcg selenium and 10mcg fluoride. These nuts are also a natural source of energy, because 100g of pecans have around 691 calories that will give you an instant charge just when you need it most!

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