Finest Ceremonial Grade Matcha by Kenko Tea

Just take a look at the dense texture, vibrant green color and smell the fine, fresh scent of Kenko Tea’s finest ceremonial grade matcha, we guarantee you’ll be hooked instantly! Talk about choosing the best ceremonial grades of the precious herbal tea, this product is one of the top matcha teas you can get your hands on, it’s just that good.

This tea contains 137x the antioxidants of regular green tea, and it’s the best coffee-substitute giving you consistent energy that spans between 4 and 6 hours, without the jitters caffeine sensitives get from coffee.

The leaves that are used for the Kenko Tea ceremonial matcha are fully certified organic, grown in dense shade, hand harvested, air dried and stone ground, so that the processing can be as natural as possible. The product is lab-tested to guarantee full safety.

This organic ceremonial matcha is the perfect way to enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, adjusted to your own liking. It’s also a fantastic way to speed up your metabolism, lose excessive fat, enhance your concentration and productivity, while remaining calm.

Do you want to have surety that this product is truly of high quality? We can help you get a pretty good idea of how one can recognize if their matcha is good or low grade. Simply click here.

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