Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil by Nature's Way

Coconut oil has hundreds of uses: it is a dietary supplement, a cooking ingredient, and even an essential part of hair and skin care! It is is rich in medium chain fatty acids that provide a natural energy boost far superior to a caffeine or sugar.

This organic coconut oil is pure and unrefined, free of solvents, GMOs, and trans-fat. The fact that it is an extra virgin coconut oil, means it comes from the first pressing of the coconut and has an unusually high-quality flavor and consistency. This makes the product equally appropriate for both cooking and immediate consumption.

Use it as a substitute for sunflower oil, shortening, or butter in any recipe that calls for an oil or fat. The healthy vitamins in coconut oil (and its delightful scent) also make it an ideal home treatment for eczema. Many people, especially exercisers, enjoy eating a tablespoon of coconut oil straight from the jar up to four times a day.

This particular product has a low melting point and may arrive either as a solid or a liquid. However, both states are natural and safe for consumption. No refrigeration is required.

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