Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Pasta

Cooking adventurers will take this organic black bean pasta by Explore Asian to heart, because seriously, how often do you see healthy black spaghetti on the store shelves? Don’t be misled by the color, for the product is as delicious as it comes. This unique and tasty gluten-free pasta is made from 8% water and 92% black beans. Each serving contains about 2g of fat, 12g of fiber and 25g of protein which means the nutritious spaghetti are protein-rich, fiber-rich and very low in fat. Cook them super-fast, enjoy the al dente texture and the magnificent taste, and know that you are eating right! The fact that the Explore Asian brand uses strictly organic black beans for the making of this product, means that it packs certain health benefits. Black beans favor the digestive tract, support the regulation of blood sugar and strengthens the cardiovascular system. That’s because of the abundant insoluble fiber and phytonutrient content. The insoluble fiber is associated with lowering cholesterol levels, lowered risk of myocardial infarct and coronary artery disease. The particular phytonutrients in black beans have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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