Evanger's Grain Free Organic Chicken for Dogs

Like many dog owners, Evanger’s believes that our canine companions should eat as well as we do ourselves. This is the ethos behind this canned organic chicken for dogs, a premium USDA-certified organic dog food that comes in a recyclable can. Pre-cooked in the can itself, this product contains no additional ingredients aside from organic chicken, guar gum, and water. Unlike many pet foods, it does not incorporate grain as filler or salt as a flavoring. It also does not incorporate preservatives, additives, or artificial chemicals of any type. This nutritious product is best used in conjunction with dry dog food, and serving amounts will vary from dog to dog.

Each can contains 13 ounces of meat and 410 calories, meaning that small dogs may eat as little as half a can per meal. For dogs who come from observant families, this canine meal is certified Kosher for Passover by the cRc.

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