Energizing Superfood Blend by Javazen

Different people like using different means to help them wake up more easily in the morning, or charge them up in the late afternoon when they feel tired but still have work to do. Many prefer coffee for the purpose, others opt for green tea such as matcha or gyokuro, and some have a quick cacao-dense dessert to have that kick-me-up feeling they need. But now Javazen have come up with an incredible product that join these 3 foods together to form a single supplement which has what it takes to perfectly revitalize your body and give you the extra juice you need to fulfill your work obligations, training session or your other daily choirs.

This energizing superfood blend belongs to the brand’s Balance line. It contains 100% cacao nibs, matcha tea and direct trade coffee. But wait, it gets even better, because this product is also produced to feel great on the palate, as it is delicately flavored with ground cinnamon and ground vanilla bean. All ingredients are strictly certified organic by the USDA and the CCOF to be of the highest grade.

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