Einkorn Wheat Berries by Jovial

Jovial have impressed us with their infatuation with einkorn, (quick example: the checkerboard cookies). This time they have stunned us with their organic einkorn wheat berries that pack a true nutrient powerhouse. There aren’t many other crops that can supply your organism with the astounding 48g of wholegrains each serving coming from Nature’s first and wild wheat species: Triticum boeoticum / Triticum monococcum. This amazing organic power food is levels about conventional modern wheat in terms of nutrients, safety and flavor. It also delivers 9g of plant-based protein, and 4g of fiber each ¼ cup (50g).

The organic einkorn berries are grown and handled in a peaceful and sustainable farm, located in the Tuscany region of Italy. At the farm, they clean einkorn’s husk without polishing or pearling the grain itself

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