Egg White Protein Bar by Julian Bakery

Have you seen how many eggs did Silvester Stallone drink in the Rocky movie? This has become a common thing through the years for professional athletes, but with Julian Bakery’s egg white protein bar you don’t need to do that anymore to absorb the high amounts of protein in eggs. We bet if this bar existed back then, Rocky might have used it for the movie instead of drinking raw eggs!

Take delight in the soft creamy texture of this exquisite organic egg bar that is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and has no added sugar (less than 1g). Your body will be supplied with 20g of pure protein originating from free-cage eggs, as well as organic prebiotics for the sake of your good digestion.

Another nutrition facts that makes huge impression is the fiber presence in the bar. A single bar contains the stunning 26g fiber which equals to 93% of the recommended daily value for this major nutrient! Try thinking of other high fiber protein bars like this one… the chance of finding such is slim.

To help with the nuttiness and the omega fat presence in the food bar, the producers have also put organic sunflower seeds in it, and if you take a bite, you will notice the subtle, yet pleasant difference they make.

We’re glad to be making a protein bar review when the product is really worth it, and Julian Bakery have really hit the spot with this one! As protein-craving heads ourselves we really do appreciate such a snack and meal replacement. We believe you will too, once you’ve tried some!


Egg Whites (From Cage-Free Eggs), Organic Roasted Peanut Butter, Organic Fiber (From tapioca), Organic Monk Fruit Extract


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