Eden Organic Wholegrain Yellow Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the foods people most often want to buy organic, due to the many pesticides, preservatives, GMO’s and other artificial substances found on mainstream brands.

Eden Foods makes all-natural snacking possible on movie night with its organic popping kernels, which contain no additives or chemical toxins of any kind.

A heart-healthy snack food, popcorn is already a popular treat for dieters who appreciate that most of each piece is made of air. Add ingredients like salt, rosemary, oil or butter after popping, or prepare a special recipe to fully enjoy the marvelous taste of a good old traditional snack.

This particular line, according to the company, yields especially large and fluffy kernels when popped, so you’re going to have satisfying results upon popping.

The bag re-seals thanks to a zipper lock, which also keeps the moisture critical to a quality batch of popcorn inside the bag. The organic wholegrain yellow popcorn also tends to keep best in the refrigerator over the long term.

The strict GMO-free status and organic certification is guaranteed by OCIA.

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