Eclectic Institute Fresh Freeze-Dried Kale Powder

Kale (Brassica oleracea) also knows as borecole, has purple or green leaves with pleasant taste. Besides Kale, vegetables like collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprout also belong to the Brassica oleracea family. It’s highly popular all over the world as there are different sorts of it. Borecole is widely used for salads and food dishes in many countries, as in Japan it’s one of the most preferred dietary supplements. In case you too decide to consume it as such, we’d recommend you try this fresh freeze-dried kale powder by the Eclectic Institute that is made of only real organic kale and is easily absorbed by the body.

Kale excellently endures winter temperatures. Furthermore, after freezing its taste gets even better and aromatic. Many believe that Kale is closer to wild cabbage than its cultivated relatives.

Borecole is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains a lot of carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, manganese, copper and phosphorous.

This miraculous vegetable has a lot of cellulose and filaments. When you cut or chew it, it forms sulforaphane – a substance with high antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. Kale is a source of indole-3-carbinole, which stimulates the reviving of DNA in cells. It’s vital to say that all the minerals and vitamins of Kale are directly absorbed by the human body.

A portion of borecole contains circa 36 calories, 40% of the daily intake of magnesium, 15% of vitamin B6 and calcium, 180% of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C and the incredible 1020% of vitamin K. Therefore all its content Is highly appropriate for any kind of diets or weight loss.

More Kale health benefits

  • In addition to everything we’ve said about Kale, the wholesome vegetable can be used for treating Osteoporosis because of its high calcium content.
  • Borecole protects from skin cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. That’s because it helps the enzymes responsible for the constitution’s detoxification and fights free radicals.
  • Kale improves the metabolism functioning and can be included in diets that are had for battling obesity. The vegetable amends the digestion and boosts the natural peristalsis of the alimentary tract.

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